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Biomec S.r.l.

Biocompatible materials for implantology


  • Need to keep up with new technologies 

  • Need for more and more innovative and efficient software 

  • Unifying management software

  • Ensuring total product traceability at every stage of the process


Mecmatica supported Oxy Biomec in its post-delivery phase through bimonthly joint sessions focused on the analysis and evaluation of new implementations.

Furthermore, Mecmatica provided a reference person who has been supporting the customer company since the beginning of our collaboration. This allowed our account manager to progressively get to know Oxy Biomec's business, to understand and interpret its needs and then put forth tailored solutions. 


  • Covering the planning and scheduling of production activities at all levels

  • Real-time monitoring of all production resources

  • Quickly identifying problems and developing effective solutions

  • Developing an Order Entry platform to harmonise the order flow 

Interview with Olivio Della Bella and Oscar Barilani - CEO and Technical Manager

The past few years have seen a strong and rapid digitisation of the implantology sector. Therefore, it is important to keep abreast of technology and embrace increasingly innovative and efficient software. We talked about this with Olivio Della Bella and Oscar Barilani, respectively CEO and Technical Manager of Biomec Oxy Implant, a technology company operating in the dental implantology sector based in Colico, in the province of Lecco. 

What is Biomec Oxy Implant and in which industry is it active?

Biomec is an Italian company which has been manufacturing implantable medical devices for the dental industry for over 30 years. Founded as a company specialising in contract manufacturing, over the years it has developed and introduced Oxy Implant, its own brand.

What are the pluses of Biomec Oxy Implant?

The pillars on which Biomec Oxy Implant bases its success are experience, innovation and great flexibility in proposing solutions in line with market demands. We are one of the few companies in the field which design, develop and manufacture their products in-house: an authentic expression of Made in Italy. Biomec Oxy Implant is a young company: our average employee age is low and we constantly invest in new generations, thus creating growth paths within the company.

For what needs did you turn to Mecmatica?

We have been working with MECMATICA since 2016. We started collaborating to unify the management software of different companies in order to guarantee total product traceability at every stage of the process, which is of paramount importance for medical devices.

What solutions has Mecmatica provided to your company and what benefits have they brought?

MECMATICA provides services covering the planning and scheduling of production activities at every level: traceability and quality management, as well as order entry and order fulfilment.

The complete solution package offered by Metronomo.Net software allows us to monitor all production resources in real time: we always know what is happening in the company, including what problems are being experienced, if any. Such comprehensive tracking of potential non-conformities allows us to immediately identify the problem and quickly develop effective solutions.

Our collaboration with MECMATICA also led to the development of an Order Entry platform, which integrates external services and unifies the order flow coming in via our on-site representatives. 

After supplying a solution, how has Mecmatica been supporting you in the post-supply phase?

Bimonthly joint sessions are scheduled to analyse and assess any new implementations.

Having a partner who can offer a different point of view is important, just as getting useful insights for new scalable system implementations stemming from our ongoing dialogue.

Moreover, MECMATICA identified a contact person who has been supporting us since the beginning of our collaboration. This has allowed their account manager to gradually get to know our business, understand and interpret our needs and then put forth tailored solutions. 

A glimpse into the future: what goals do you aim to achieve?

Biomec Oxy Implant was the first Italian company to be MDR 2017/45 certified. Our short-term goals include expanding our production site by purchasing an adjacent building of the same size, as well as a constant increase of our national and international presence on the market, which includes being FDA approved.

How will Mecmatica support you in the future?

One of the big industry trends is integrating customised services for end customers including 3D printing and milling of titanium works. The company has responded by creating ODS, Oxy Digital Solutions: it is the digital department of Oxy Implant. Its data input procedures will be subject to progressive optimisation. A portal dedicated to custom machining is a relevant discussion point with Mecmatica to develop new implementations.


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