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Rapid mechanical budgeting and cycle time development

This module allows for the creation and management of technical and economic quotations - accurately and quickly. Production costs are calculated according to specific cost centres, e.g. materials, internal/external machining and ancillary costs.

It allows the production cost of a mechanical part to be calculated in advance and archived, as well as commercial offers to be managed and compared with the actual balance monitored with Metronomo.Net MES 4.0 modules


Manage budgeting and cycle time development effectively

With Prev you can quickly calculate the production cost of any item as well as any unit costs according to their batch size. Furthermore, you can:

  • file your quotation history and search for field information, e.g. article codes, drawing numbers, dates, customers

  • compare the estimated cost with the actual monitored production cost

  • show information on any cost centres on screen and keep everything under control - from design to dispatch

  • integrate the module with all Metronomo.Net modules and export the quotation information as a production bill which can be used for subsequent shop floor management activities

  • integrate it with the Prev module: Cycle Time Development, which allows for precise calculation of the machining time of an item on the machine, taking into account all necessary information for turning and milling operations, e.g. passive tool non-contact times

  • manage all the information needed to develop a work cycle.

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Download the PrevCiclo brochure

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Explore the potential of the Metronomo.Net Suite

Explore the potential of the Metronomo.Net Suite


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