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Inventory, traceability, requirements, shipments control

This module constantly updates the actual storage situation of raw materials, finished / semi-finished products and tools to keep them under control.

You may know how many articles are physically in stock, how many are committed, how many are ordered and how many should be ordered at any time. Sub-stocks are managed via customisable alerts and production requirements per order or totals.


Manage logistics to always have materials in stock

To avoid the risk of running out of material, a comprehensive logistics management is crucial. With Logistic&MRP you may benefit from:

  • complete management of warehouses for all types of articles handled in the company

  • control of production requirements, based on inventories, as well as committed and ordered items

  • full traceability of raw materials and finished items

  • creating packing and picking lists for shipments

  • management of warehouse logistics, with a graphic interface for all storage slots

  • traceability management of raw material batches and finished product batches; individual serial numbers can be managed as well

  • shipment management, packing and picking lists, pre-delivery notes and stocking

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Explore the potential of the Metronomo.Net Suite

Explore the potential of the Metronomo.Net Suite


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Via Campo Romano 13
24050 - Spirano (BG)
Tel. 035-320144

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