MecMatica, the ideal partner for mechanical manufacturing company

For over 20 years, we provide optimization and monitoring solutions for production and our experience is consolidated over 400 manufacturing customers.
Our solutions belong to the suite Metronomo, our ERP solution software.
The modules of Metronomo allow to perfectly manage every production, quality, organization, accounting and logistic aspects of your company.
Up to now, we connect more over than 6.000 machine tools in Italy and in the world, in both SMESs and large company, an example of our skills and efficiency in different type of production. The strong vertical integration of Mecmatica in the field of production allows finding the best solution for every need.

Our history

MecMatica was born at the end of 90’s thanks to the experience and skills of people who have acquired them in manufacturing production sector.
Our first software solutions refer to management and transmission of part-program and iso files for CNC systems, Mecmatica engineers also a wireless solution for monitoring machine tools and transfer of part programs in a single box all-in-one, which allows you to collect information and data of machine tools without the need of cables.
In addition, MecMatica was one of the first Italian software house to introduce touch-screen terminals to the operator declarations since 2006, replacing a barcodes system in many cases.

Customers in Italy
Years of experience
Collaborators in company
Machine tools

Our mission and vision:
a combination of elements for maximizing the result

 MecMatica set itself the goal to provide to Customer the solution that best match their production ‘s need. This is possible thanks to specific software and customized modules according to the specific needs of each sector of the industry, but also to our strong mechanical skills developed in the field by the in technical staff of MecMatica.

The advantage of this approach allows us to offer at our customers the great experience gained in the field. All our modules are developed in the production departments, answering the requirements and needs that our customers meet in their activity. We always say that Metronomo was born in production for production and is the result of our technical efforts joint to our customers experience that every day provide us the tips  to improve.

We also provide turnkey solutions, saving the unpleasant paradox of “training the supplier” the situation in which the customer has to spend time to explain how its sector is to the supplier prior to the implementation of the project. Especially in Italy, two companies that produce the same item can have two completely different ways of working.

Up to now, our projects brought us great satisfaction, evidenced by the excellent relationships that continue for several years with all our customers and encourage us to reinvent ourselves every day and develop innovative and never more complete and technologically advanced solutions.

Customer service

MecMatica provides to all its customers a 360 °service of technical assistance. Our Technical Staff is always at your disposal to analyze, support and satisfy your needs in the shortest time possible.