The module Colwin is one of our first products, has in many cases lead the way for a revolution in production department of mechanical manufacturing company.

One of the first needs of our customers has been precisely to transfer part-program developed on the machine tool, in a secure manner, to a local server. To avoid the risk to lose them or be forced to delete them because of the limitations of memory on the machine.

Colwin consists of connecting numerical control machines, either via wireless or via cable, and the transfer of the programs directly from the machine. Each program is stored on a centralized server in the corresponding folder of the machine and can be called at any time by a code. Vice-versa, any program created or edited on the machine is sent to the server. All this without having to put in communication machine and server.

Colwin has also an editor for creating and editing programs, and there is a synchronized editor that supports up to three channels simultaneously.

The connection to the machine can be done either through the LAN IP port and through the RS232 serial port, any type of numerical control machine can be configured with Colwin.

The advantages of Colwin:

  • Centralized management of machine programs;
  • Elimination of problems related to memory limits of machines and the inconveniences of use compact flash and PC connected with a direct serial cable;
  • Editor and Synchronized editor for editing programs;
  • Perfect integration with other modules of Metronomo

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