Scheduler is the task scheduler of Metronomo developed specifically for the mechanical manufacturing companies.

Scheduler allows the planning of all stages of production of different orders created based on capacity of individual resources, both internal and external. Automatically is also developed the Forecast Gantt chart to get an overview of the production departments and estimated delivery of orders.

Scheduler is dynamic: updating itself automatically with the data it receives from machine tools and operators, thus shifting the axis time of the Gantt based on delays and production stops, thus aligning to the actual situation of the department every minute.

For this module is also available a forecast function which consists to set slot time on orders not yet confirmed and calculate an estimated delivery date for the customer.
In addition, it is divisible by individual departments, in this way each manager will only see the machines of his department.

At any time, you may change the production plan by an authorized user, moving the ODL on a different machine and recalculating all within a few seconds thanks to an intuitive and easy drag and drop system. The new cycle time taken by the system is saved automatically and you will have an alternative flow of production. Color logic also allow the setting of Tags customizable to highlight for example, the orders of each customer with a specific color or the ODL that use the same material. The production notes can be showed in the scheduler that becomes a calculating engine of production and a real dashboard supervision of real-time scheduling.

The advantages of Scheduler:

  • Clear and complete load of individual resources;
  • Delivery dates precise and reliable and control of delays;
  • Shift of date automatically according to the data collected by monitoring;
  • Rescheduling of production quickly, thanks to the drag and drop system;
  • Management of all resources: machines, workbenches or operators, external resources

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