Proconsolle is the Metronomo module that provides operators in the department with a simple and modern alternative to the traditional paper-based confirmation report. Mecmatica was among the first software houses to introduce PC Panel touch screen for the electronic declaration of production operators.

Proconsolle is installed on touch screen terminals strategically located in the production department and allows the collection of different data by the operators.
The information that operators can provide the system are customizable: opening / closing phase of work, pieces do not comply, justification for the stop of the machine or opening of non-compliance.

The system is two-way, then, without the need for paper documents, the operators will have access to a range of information made available by the system, such as the queue of work phases, design of items, the cycles quality control, the distinct tools and much more.

Our terminals are resistant to oil vapors and dust chip, and also equipped with RFID reader USB for fast recognition of operators with personal badge. We can also connect to terminals measuring instruments for automatic acquisition of quality data or printers for printing badges for recognition of the batch of raw material or finished product, useful for tracking inside the company.

The advantages of ProConsolle:

  • Elimination of up to 90% of the paper usually used in department;
  • Survey real-time your production;
  • Show work phases to your operators;
  • Detailed counting of working hours for each order, differentiating setup time, production time and downtime;
  • Terminal All-in-one, which can be used for declarations, quality checks, management and access presence, displaying drawings and attachments articles and much more.

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