Quality is the Metronomo module that allows the management of the company quality at 360°

It consists in four modules that interact with each other:

  • System quality;
  • Product quality;
  • Instrumental quality;
  • Training and security management

System quality: allows the management of allows the management of non-conformities (internal, from the Customer to Supplier), management of improvement and corrective actions, training staff, suppliers ratings, management of measuring instruments and calibration procedures, archiving of attachments;

Product quality: allows the creation and management of cycles and control plans, management of measurement tools and calibration procedures with the schedule;

Instrumental quality: includes the creation of SPC station in department, with the connection of the measuring instrument to the declaration terminals for the automatic registration of the quotas. Consequently, reports and statistics are created relating to CP CPK and XR cards, and the display of the drawing files on terminals is also managed, with the portion of the design relating to the characteristics to be checked to speed up and facilitate quality control recording operation.

Training and security management: management of skills and task of individual operators thanks to multi-purpose matrices, management of training courses internal and external, IRP management.

The advantages of Quality:

  • A single module for quality management integrated to the production monitoring
  • Management of non-conformities, corrective action and improvement plans, supplier rating and storage of all related documents;
  • Interconnection of vision machines to the system, also with a view to Industry 4.0;
  • Quality control plans applicable to different phases of production;
  • Recording and archiving of all quality control sheets filled by the operators;
  • Advanced statistics and creating XR cards and CP CPK indexes;
  • SPC stations with automatic acquisition of the measurements;
  • Management of skills and training of operators.

The quality module is completely integrated with MES Metronome system present in production, and allows to manage the controls directly on the machine. It is therefore possible to program monitoring alerts according to a certain frequency, displaying them on the terminals in production or directly on the luminous boards in the ward. In the event of a failure to check within a certain time, the system automatically reports it to the Quality Manager.

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