Prev is the Metronomo module that allow doing technical and cost estimates quickly and reliably.

Prev allows calculating the cost of production of a mechanical part, storing the estimates and consequently managing for commercial offers. The cost of production is calculated relating to some cost centers, such as material, internal and external manufacturing, and optional costs.

All production costs of each item are stored and recorded, in order to obtain a complete history. Prev also allows you to automatically export the BOM from the forecast and then manage the entire production cycle.

The cycle time development of Prev calculate the time to process the particular item in the machine. It also uses a library of all the manufacturing of each machine, with the technical characteristics and time of no-contact tool that the customers can write.

The cycle time development contains a library of all the operations of the single machine, with the technical characteristics of advancement and the passive times of non-contact tool. It is also possible to generate a separate tool for each work cycle, calculating the cost and the wear of the same.

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