The Metronomo monitoring module of productive resources allows you to get real-time all data related to the production of machine tools connected to the IT system.

Over 6.000 machine tools of different model and type have been connected to our network. Metronomo allows you to get 24 hours a day information relating to counting, cycle time, status and machine alarms optionally available also on tablet and smartphone connected to internet.

Our monitoring system can be either wireless or wired, depending on the needs of the customer. It is also possible to connect machines not equipped with numerical control.

Connect the machine and, at the same time, schedule and manage the production with Metronomo allows you to keep an eye on the progress of production departments. Discrepancy between the estimated time and the time actually observed is reported in real time to the production managers so they can intervene promptly to correct any errors or improve efficiencies.

The Advantages of Monitoring:

  • Situation of productive resources anytime and anywhere under control, in real time, 24 hours a day;
  • Survey and immediate reporting of discrepancies between estimated times and recorded as product cycle time and setup time of machine;
  • Survey and snapshot reporting of machine downtime for alarm or no production; Historical archive of all production data and times recorded;
  • Automatic calculation of the efficiencies of the individual machines, statistical analysis and indexes on the individual resource models, qualitative indexes, OEE and real-time economic valorization of production;
  • Historical record of all the production data and of all the times recorded.

Furthermore, it is possible to place information monitors in the various departments to keep the machinery status under control and to connect them to acoustic signals to communicate any unmanaged stops or the need to carry out a quality control on the products.

All the collected data are archived and analyzed by Metronomo, so that the production efficiency can be created for each resource, by department or for the entire company.

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