Metronomo, thanks to Logistic & MRP Modules, allows the management of logistic in the company and in the internal and external warehouse.

Regarding the MRP module (Material Requirements Planning), Metronomo manages the stocks of raw materials, semi-finished, tools and finished products. At any time, you can learn from your desk how many items are physically present in the warehouse, how many are committed, how many ordered and how many to order.

In any time, it is in fact possible to know from your PC station how many items are physically present in stock, how many are engagement, how many are ordered and how many to order.
Furthermore, the under escort are managed through customized alerts and production needs (that are raw materials, semi-finished products, commercial sub-components, tools) for each order or totals.

Thanks to MRP and bills of materials, Metronomo creates purchase proposals for the various internal and external orders, so as to never be found at the last moment without material or components.

The advantages of Logistic & MRP:

  • Complete management of internal and external warehouses;
  • Management production requirements based on item in stock, in production and ordered;
  • Full tracking of raw materials and finished articles;
  • Create lists of picking and packing for shipments;
  • Management of logistics warehouse, with graphic interface of the slot storage.

Metronomo also management the batch tracking of raw materials and finished products, thanks to the barcode and RFID technologies, but also packing lists and picking. Finally, shipments, packing and picking lists, pre-rolls and storage are also managed.

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