Metronomo is a production management software, containing all the modules needed to manage every aspect of production. Metronomo manages all the active and passive cycles, from estimating to invoicing, all inclusive. Every software module is perfectly integrated with the others, to offer a completed and efficient management of production. Metronomo stands out from common management software due to its strong vertical integration in production departments, made possible by the capacities of Mecmatica. In fact, Metronomo physically interfaces with the machine tool, recording in real time the production data of the piece-counter, statues and alarms, in order to provide update and reliable information 24 hours a day. Metronomo is available in multi-language and multi-location and interfaces effortlessly with any management, administrative or accounting software already present in company.

The modules of Metronomo are:

Monitoring of productive system on the move

Monitoring production systems on the move, directly from your smartphone or tablet

Resource monitoring


h24 monitoring of your production resources

Data collection


Collection in real time of the operator’s declaration in department

Production scheduling


Production scheduling, to manage machine loading and obtain reliable delivery dates

Mechanical estimation


Technical estimation, which allows the development of cycle time



Quality of the system, product and tool

Logistic & mrp


Management of inventory, tracking, requirements, picking



Management of maintenance activities



The active and passive cycle, from estimate to invoice

Transmission part-program


Management and transmission of part-program and iso files

The software has to adapt to your way of working and not vice versa

he technical staff of MecMatica works daily on Metronomo, updating, improving, trying to offer to customers customized solutions that adapt as much as possible to different productive cases.

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